Online Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited

Learn how to tackle big decisions with a structured process

Self-paced Online Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited – With or Without Coaching

In these self-paced online courses (all SHRM accredited) you will learn how to make better decisions, or how to help others through difficult decisions. The courses provide you with a solid four-step framework, templates, and practical tools. To apply the material, you will work on your own decisions you’re facing right now in your personal or professional life.

Through a partnership with Haply, the classes are are valid for Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM. Each class is valid for 3 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSMsm or SHRM-SCPSMsm. All classes align to the SHRM Body of Knowledge in the areas of “Consultation, Critical Evaluation, Organization and Strategy.”

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Online Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited

Textbook for Online Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited

There is also the option to bundle all four classes together for a discounted price and get 12 credits. The bundle includes a free textbook: Heart and Mind – Mastering the Art of Decision Making, by Barry Anderson, Dan Hahn and Ursina Teuscher. (Read a book sample and reviews on Amazon.)


“I will not easily forget any of the material I learned this term. It has made a tremendous difference in my life and I want to thank you for putting this course together.”

“I just wanted to take a second to let you know how wonderful this course has been. I have taken a lot of online classes, but until this course I have not experienced one so organized, easy to follow, and structured so well. The way the course is laid out (visually) is so easy to follow and there is no confusion on where to find stuff. I learned a lot from this. Thanks for a great learning experience!”

“I really like the scientific process of making decision charts with values and alternatives and weights. This seems like a very concrete way of assessing sometimes complex and abstract decisions. I have already discussed this method with my co-worker who is trying to decide if she should go back to school or continue working on building her small business and I plan to do the same when I come up against any kind of important decision.”

Packages: Class Bundle With Coaching

All classes includes up to two hours of individual instructor support. If you realize along the way that more support would be needed or helpful, you can easily upgrade your course to one that includes either six or ten hours of one-on-one coaching. The coaching sessions will support your learning process and deepen your mastery of the material, but also help with your own personal decision process. Find more information and sign up here:

Online Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited With 10h of CoachingOnline Decision Making Courses – SHRM Accredited With Six Hours of Coaching

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