Performance Coaching for Leaders

As you grow in your role as a leader, do you find it increasingly difficult to juggle all your tasks and manage your time well? Performance coaching for leaders can help you increase your personal productivity.

Performance Coaching for Leaders - Personal Time and Task Management

Do you often take on more tasks than you can handle?
 Are you finding it difficult to delegate?
Do you hate turning down new projects?

What makes managing your time and tasks so challenging if you are in a in leadership position?

Here is what often happens to leaders – it may have happened to you as well. Let me guess: you became a leader or manager because of your outstanding performance, passion and commitment to your work. Not only do you complete your tasks with excellence, but you’re being proactive on top of that. You take on more responsibilities than necessary, and you’re over-delivering on what you promise.

This is why others trust you, and why they want to give you even more responsibilities. In other words, this is why they want you to be a leader. If you are part of a larger organization, it’s the reason you’ve been promoted or recruited into a leadership role. If you are a business owner, this is why your business is growing and you are able to hire (more) staff.

However, as you are growing and transitioning from a more task-focused, “working” role, into a managing and leadership role, you are facing a different challenge: you have to make more decisions. In particular, you have to make decisions NOT to take on certain tasks, and you’ll have to decide how to handle that. You’ll have to pass on some projects, even ones you would be excited about. You may have to delegate tasks, or turn them down entirely. Deciding not to take on a task is particularly difficult for the most passionate leaders. And yet, it is essential for effective leadership. If you want to be known not only as a passionate leader, but as an effective and responsible one, you will need to make consistently great decisions about managing your time and prioritizing your tasks.

What is performance coaching for leaders, and how does it help?

My approach to productivity and performance coaching is based on decision science. To start out, we will assess your work situation, needs and challenges. Together we will analyze what works and what doesn’t, and where you have opportunities to improve your time and task management. Based on this, we will develop, adapt and tweak your own systems for setting your priorities and managing your tasks.

Performance Coaching for LeadersPerformance coaching will help you get more important work done, stay away from unimportant work, and become confident in telling the difference. Once you have this well-grounded confidence in your decisions, you will be able to communicate them transparently and delegate responsibly. In that way, it will help you hone the necessary skills to become a respected and productive leader.

Will coaching be worth my time and money?

That depends. The benefits of coaching are not linear: you will get dramatically better results if you dive deeper into it. Optimal personal productivity is a skill. Like all skills, you will need to practice it to reach true mastership. This  means that in order for you to get the most value from coaching, you will need to dedicate regular and frequent time to the coaching process, not just during but also between sessions.

Some of the benefits of performance coaching for leaders are that you will:

… get more important work done
… have better action plans and realistic schedules
… develop healthier habits
… have a sounding board to solve ongoing problems
… be able to communicate your decisions with confidence
… leave your desk with the peace of mind that you are doing an excellent job

Only you can estimate how much value all of this would have for you, and therefore whether coaching would be worth your investment. Ask yourself also how your organization and other people might benefit if you became a true master of your time and task management skills.

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What previous clients say about working with me as a coach:

“Ursina really helped me get my leadership skills to the next level. I was overwhelmed by my unsustainable workload when I started seeing her. Also, my taking on too many projects had a negative effect on my team. I needed that outside perspective to help me choose and commit to the right priorities and set up a system to communicate and delegate in an effective and responsible way.”
Corinne M. Duffy

“I highly recommend Ursina’s performance coaching for leaders. Aside from getting more work done and getting into healthier habits overall, I also really appreciated having her as a smart advisor for my ongoing problems and dilemmas at work. She has a way to listen deeply and come up with surprising wisdoms. Thanks, Ursina! “
Manuel S.