Gratefulness Poll

How grateful are you for the following, on a scale from: 1 = not grateful at all (hate it!) to 100 = extremely grateful?

Now, what does gratefulness have to do with decision making?

grateful for food and companyThinking about what we’re grateful for is one way of getting in touch with our values – with what’s important to us and what we care about. It tells us something about where our joys and passions lie.

And in order to make decisions that lead to more fulfilling lives and fewer regrets, it’s a good idea to focus on our values and find ways to honor them – whether in our daily little choices here and there, or in our big long-term strategic planning.

What do your answers (especially those in the comment boxes) tell you about what’s important to you?

In my case, one thing my list makes me realize is that I’m grateful for other people’s smartness and generosity, and that developing my own knowledge, skills and wisdom, matters very deeply to me.

How about you?

  • What are some of your values that you can cristallize out of your own list of gratefulness?
  • Which ones are most important to you right now?
  • Which ones do you whish had more room in your life?
  • What would be ways to allocate more time, money, or energy to that value?
  • And… what needs to go in order to make room for that? Would it be worth the sacrifice?


Update on Dec 4, 2013: Here are the results of the poll.

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