Setting and Fees for Coaching

Coaching Setting

Setting and Fees for Coaching – View from Office PortlandIf you’re local, we will meet in my office in downtown Portland. Otherwise, we hold our sessions over the phone or via Skype or Google Hangout.

There is a lot of research showing that coaching or counseling over the phone or through online channels can be very effective. In my own experience, I often find that phone sessions can be even more focused than meeting in person. Depending on the topic, we may work with shared screens or other online tools. This blog post gives you a bit more information on phone sessions and why I like them.

Number and Length of Coaching Sessions

The number and length of our meetings will depend on your situation, needs and goals, and on how thorough you want the process to be.

Setting and Fees for Coaching – Portland Office Inside

For consulting about a specific decision, we can typically come to a conclusion within 3-8 sessions. If you are under time pressure to reach a final decision, I’m happy to work with you in longer and fewer sessions (if my availability allows it), so that you can meet your deadline.

For productivity coaching on the other hand, it is usually not just a matter of finding a solution to one problem. Rather, you’ll want to see lasting changes in your behavior. You’ll probably want to develop new habits and establish better systems, which takes time and practice. Therefore, people usually see much better results if they commit to a longer time frame, and regular sessions – at least at first. For example, we may begin with weekly sessions until you see the change you were looking for. After that we may space the out the sessions more, in order to maintain and keep optimizing your productivity.

Extended coaching packages usually start with an in-depth assessment. Based on that, we will continue with problem-solving and developing a plan tailored to your situation and needs. Between sessions, you can always get ongoing support, including phone or email check-ins.

Fees and Packages

Setting and Fees for Coaching – Portland Office InsideMy preferred way of working is to first figure out your goals for this coaching process, and determine a flat or monthly fee based on those. That way the fee will cover everything you need in order to achieve your coaching goals.

However, I also understand that your coaching goals may not be clear yet at the beginning, or that you may simply prefer to start out by paying for individual sessions, rather than committing to a whole project. In those cases, my regular fee for an hourly session is $160.

Flat or monthly fees are usually more to your advantage if we are working together for longer. It can also be a more rewarding process for both of us if we can focus on your goals without needing to bill for every hour.

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FAQs about Setting and Fees for Coaching:

Q: Do you take health insurance?
A: No, health insurances do not pay for coaching. Even therapists can only bill insurance if they diagnose you with some form of pathology. I am not a clinical psychologist and am not diagnosing or treating disorders. I will be happy to help you find a good counselor or therapist who does.

Q: Can I get my employer to pay for my coaching sessions?
A: That’s a possibility! It’s worth talking to your employer about this option. Even if they don’t typically cover coaching sessions, they may offer reimbursement for external training and continuing education. If the issues we work on are work-related (such as productivity, time-management, or leadership skills), we may find a format of our work that fits your employer’s requirements. I’ll be happy to work with you and your employer to explore these options.