My Mission – Why Decision Coaching?

Why decision coaching? Creative Thinking

I believe that as humans, we have an almost unlimited ability to think creatively and solve the most difficult problems.

I also believe, however, that creative thinking is an effort, more than a gift, and that it does not always come easily and naturally to us. Based on research and experience, I am convinced that:

  • our problem-solving power can be enhanced greatly through creative conversation;
  • a systematic approach does not hinder but boosts our creativity;
  • thinking more deeply can push our own limits and open doors that we didn’t even know were there.

Why decision coaching: achieving goals

I believe that we can live greater lives if we assume less; if we think, perceive and feel more; and if we make more conscious decisions. I believe that if we all lived up to our own best potential, this world would be a better place.

My mission is to help you with that. Through decades of research and teaching, and through my coaching experience, I have honed my expertise and tools to help people and organizations make better decisions. This is why I would be thrilled to start talking with you about your own big decisions, whenever you’re ready.

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