Workbook: Beating Procrastination 101

Workbook Beating Procrastination 101Workbook Beating Procrastination 101
by Ursina Teuscher

This workbook is a companion to Ursina Teuscher’s workshops and coaching groups, designed to give you tools and strategies to break through procrastination and move towards optimal performance. The first part covers general principles on prioritizing and scheduling, including many practical tips and resources. The second part provides a guide for a two-step intervention: get a toolkit to diagnose your own worst procrastination triggers and obstacles – and learn how to tackle them one by one.

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle edition e-book.
You can also order the paperback directly from the publisher on Createspace.

The book is very short (30 pages), and the content has been written originally as a companion to my workshops and coaching groups, but it does stand alone and gives you exercises that you can do by yourself.

If you are participating in a coaching program, you will get a copy for free.

What readers say about the workbook Beating Procrastination 101:

Workbook Beating Procrastination 101 (Inside View 1)

“This workbook convinces with a clear and easily understandable language (even for me as a non-native English speaker). The author managed to provide well-researched content while avoiding scientific jargon.”

“The fact that the book is so slim (30 pages) and to the point was a big plus for me, because it helped me not only pick up the book in the first place but even finish it, which is not always the case for big tomes, however useful they might have been.”

“Despite its shortness, it is packed with very practical tips and exercises, which inspired me to delve more into the subject matter.”