Workbook: Increasing Productivity

Workbook Increasing Productivity in Healthy and Sustainable WaysWorkbook Increasing Productivity in Healthy and Sustainable Ways
by Ursina Teuscher

Based on the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology, this workbook gives you practical suggestions on increasing productivity without burning out.

The rapid advances in neuroscience offer new and exciting insights on how our brain works at its best, and what its constraints are. This knowledge should guide our best practices when we aim to work as efficiently as possible.
However, when it comes to increasing productivity, once size does not fit all. This book takes that into account. It offers you tools to assess your own work style and situation. With the help of those tools, you will be able to diagnose your own problems and obstacles. You will find suggestions on how to target those, and will be able to design your own interventions to improve your work and relaxation habits.

The book is available on Amazon, where you can look inside, read a sample, and see reviews, or you can order it directly from the publisher on Createspace.
Workbook Increasing Productivity in Healthy and Sustainable Ways (Back Cover)


What readers say about the workbook Increasing Productivity:

“Well-grounded in psychological and neurological research, Ursina Teuscher’s user-friendly workbook provides practical and proven methods to increase productivity.
The brain science section illuminates how our brains are impacted while we are making decisions: we can experience “decision fatigue” when asking our brain to make too many decisions without a break, blood glucose levels, rest and sleep all impact judgment and decision-making, and multi-tasking requires more energy to switch between tasks than the tasks themselves!
The strategies section provides some very pragmatic and achievable behavioral adjustments that we can make to increase our productivity and help us get where we want to go: planning ahead of time, taking breaks, staying focused on one goal at a time, how to shift away from unproductive habits and toward new ones, and systems to support this effort.
As a mental health therapist, I work with many clients who struggle with procrastination and feeling hopeless about achieving their goals, both personally and professionally. I recommend this user-friendly workbook to clients, and anyone, as a tool to help them implement just a few simple strategies to support their successful attainment of their goals.”
Nani Waddoups, National Certified Counselor
Finding Center Counseling

“This book integrates current brain science research with practical applications to help people identify their obstacles to personal productivity, with specific strategies to overcome these obstacles. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels like they have too much to do and not enough time.”
Alisa Blum, Principal Consultant
Alisa Blum & Associates

Get a Visual Summary (Infographic) of the workbook Increasing Productivity

Here you can get a free two-sided infographic (printable pdf) as a visual summary of the workbook. It will give you an overview of research findings which can inform best practices. The second page presents a framework for assessing your own work-habits, trouble-shooting your problems, and developing new habits.

Infographic – Memo for Workbook Increasing Productivity (Page 1)Infographic – Memo for Workbook Increasing Productivity (Page 1)

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