Results of the Gratefulness Poll

Ok, here are some results of last month’s Gratefulness Poll.

[If you just joined, here you can see the original poll (still open) and find out what gratefulness has to do with decision-making.]

First the numbers – here are the average scores of all the readers who participated:

Results of the Gratefulness Poll

Poor pumpkin spice was the least popular – or maybe just too shallow to stand up items like “Good company”…

More fun than the stats though, at least for me, were the additional items you guys added. Just a few random picks:

“I’m grateful for the messages from birds, the absence of claustrophobia, colors and fungi’s names and the washing machine.”

“Quiet. Gentle wind, gentle rain. Random lines of poetry that run through my head. My child liking me. The way every year gets easier.”

“Sleep, hot tub, fresh veggies, friends.”

“Mentors, those who have helped me when I needed it, the opportunity to give back.”
“My stepson.”

“BACON. All pork products, really.”

And there were a lot more… Thanks to all who participated!



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