“I have a tendency to get tunnel visioned when making decisions and the emphasis on creativity really helped me to try and branch out and look at other alternatives.”

“I often find it relatively easy to make a decision; decisions are not my problem; implementing my intentions and not procrastinating are areas that I have the most trouble with. (…) I now understand what I was lacking and what I can do to improve the likelihood of achieving my goals; even the small day-to-day ones. “

“The decision matrix exercise was a brilliant process to have experienced, and I appreciate it immensely. It is really exciting to be able to use a formula to figure this out. This process has been really cool so far.”

“Thank you for an amazing and life changing experience!”

Workshop: Increasing Personal Productivity

“I learned so much in this class and love how it was set up. The homework was really interactive which helped me really get into the material. Thanks so much for a great term, the material helped me in all of my classes I feel and will in the future.”

“I feel that the initial value tree was really a catalyst to my creativity about finding multiple alternatives. It really got me thinking about what is really important in life and how to decipher what are needs and what are wants. (…) The graphs that we used were also extremely beneficial (…). It just really gave some assurance as to which values are most affected by the decision.”

“I would have to say that everything was valuable to me, every exercise we did had a positive effect on my decision making. I realized that I tend to push the daunting task of decision making away and try to forget about it, but I found out that it doesn’t have to be that scary as long as you work at it and analyze the decision.”

“I’m also in the process of buying my first home, after learning this course, I starting to use the same techniques also on how to choose the right location and many other attributes that come with buying a home. These techniques are really valuable for me now, I’m glad I learned them.”

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